Everyone say it together, now!     Skycarrrrr!

This last August, my friend Mark and I attended the open house for a little company in Davis called Moller (rhymes with "dollar", so the CEO tells us). Now, this little company is doing something that we've been promised by The Jetsons for years and year: developing a real, honest-to-God flying car!

Of course,this car is nowhere near release to the public yet, but they've developed a couple generations of prototypes and done test flights with them. Mark and I got to see the two prototypes they had on hand, which for lack of a better term I will call Generation 1 and Generation 2 (although there might have been more).

Generation one

Generation two

A little flying-saucer thing called
the 200 X. Cute!

More information on Moller's shiznat

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